Startup your Embroidery Business with a Used Commercial Embroidery Machine

Why purchasing a Used Commercial Embroidery Machine is the perfect solution for an Embroidery Start Up Company

TheEmbroideryWarehouse wants to help you with your embroidery startup

Buying Used can save you thousands!

Used commercial embroidery machines are generally thousands of dollars less than new commercial embroidery machines. Adding or starting with a used embroidery machine not only makes sense but it makes dollars too.

Our inventory of used embroidery equipment

TheEmbroideryWarehouse has bought and sold thousands of used embroidery machines over the years. It is our business to buy used embroidery equipment. We have bought machines from all types of companies and individuals. We have bought trade ins, repos, upgrades, and everything else. We have seen the very good, the bad, and ugly of the embroidery world.

Coming up with solid numbers is the most recommend task before startup or adding to your embroidery business. How much will you need to pay in rent, advertising, payroll, utilities, etc? On top of all the expenses of running the business, there are also the expenses of the embroidery machine.

When purchasing a used machine you don't only take advantage of the "off the lot" depreciation but, you also don't over pay for extras you don't really need. When most new embroidery machine distributors sell their equipment to embroidery startups, they like to sell them with extended warranties that are likely never used, extended training sessions that are either never used or over priced, or accessories, software, tools, etc that are never used. Point short, most all new machines are going to cost a lot of money for a lot of extras you might not need. Purchase used for a discount and use the saving to buy what you really need.

When purchasing used, you can get a slightly used machine for perhaps half the price of the the same machine new. When the average price of a new single head embroidery machine is $20,000 - $30,000, this can be a huge savings. These saving can go towards a slightly used machine that will output more than a new machine of the same price. For example, a used 4 head machine might be $15,000 from the same manufacture that is selling single heads for much more, new. Having a used 4 head machine will quickly generate more output and profits than a new single head.

Machines as old as 20 years old still use the same or similar technology and mechanics as most all new machines us. Older used machines generally run at the same speeds as new machines. Unlike computers or other technology, the engineering, electronics, and performance behind most embroidery equipment has not changed much at all over the years. Used machines are an excellent options for start ups or companies looking to add on without the large overhead.

The resell values on a used machine are also attractive. When you are ready to upgrade you might not lose out much on trading in or selling your machine that you already bought at a discount, used.

How could you use the savings for your startup or existing embroidery company?

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