USED Tajima TEHX-C1501 commercial embroidery machine - Year 2004

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ID#1230 - Tajima TEHX-C1501 Commercial Embroidery Machine.  Year 2004 Heads: 1 Needles: 15 -
ID# 1230 2004 Tajima TEHX-C1501
Make: Tajima
Model: TEHX-C1501
Heads: 1
Needles: 15
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ID# 1230
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Year 2004


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Tajima TEHX-C1501, 15 needle single head industrial embroidery machine. Tajima is one of the top of the lines in terms of commercial embroidery machines. The Embroidery Warehouse is currently offering this 2005 used embroidery machine, fully loaded. This includes the cap system, tubular hoops, and full digitizing and lettering software, at a fraction of the cost new. Everything you need to get your embroidery business started. The Tajima TEHX-C1501 is capable of embroidering on caps, shirts, aprons, baby goods, etc with the accessories that are included. The Tajima TEHX-C1501 embroidery machine is capable of embroidering up to 1200 spm (stitches per minute). The Embroidery Warehouse is selling this machine with both an electronics and mechanical warranty. This Tajima has also been upgraded to USB. When well maintained, this Tajima embroidery machine is designed to run 24 hours a day in an industrial embroidery environment. However, its also the ideal machine for a small embroidery shop, home business or hobbyist.

Purchasing a used Tajima TEHX-C1501, as opposed to a new embroidery machine, will save your embroidery business a lot of money and increase your profit margin. Used embroidery machines are generally about half the price of new embroidery machines or less! Embroidery Machines over the years have not evolved much. Most all new embroidery machines will do the exact same embroidery that their much older predecessors can. Because embroidery has not evolved over the years, the process of creating an embroidery stitch is pretty straightforward. Therefor purchasing new will not increase the embroidery quality that a used machine creates. Buying used embroidery equipment will save you a lot of money. The mechanics of most embroidery machines, regardless of age, are generally very similar if not the same. When an embroidery machine has been treated and maintained properly it can last for a long time and continue to create beautiful, tight stitches.

The Tajima TEHX-C1501 is a full size Tajima model. A full size Tajima single head embroidery machine is different from the compact versions (such as the Tajima NEOs) in that they come with a build on stand. Compact versions of Tajimas (or other embroidery machine models) do not have built on stands. The full size Tajima models are also larger both width and depth to give the operator more sewing area and working space.

This Tajima TEHX-C1501 embroidery machine includes full embroidery digitizing software. Unlike other embroidery software packages; this software, Threads Embroidery Software (or Threads ES) is not limited. Threads ES includes lettering tools, design editing, digitizing tools, and semi-automatic digitizing tools.

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Most all our embroidery machines are sold with Warranties, Training (generally at our location), USB, Digitizing and Editing Software, complete set of tubular hoops and cap system, etc. Be sure to check with your sales representative to get a complete list of what Tajima TEHX-C1501 this comes with. Each machine will have a different list of inventory with what it comes with. Buy now before this embroidery machine gets away!

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  • This machine comes with a 1 year warranty on electronics (Backed by PLRElectronics)
  • Complete warranty for 100 days on all mechanical parts excluding any consumable part.
  • Parts subject to review. Shipping and handling at customers expense.
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