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Tajima We sell just about every make and model of Commercial Embroidery Machines. When TheEmbroideryWarehouse purchases used machines for resell, we only purchase the best of the best. Rest assured that if the make and model of the machines we buy and resell are not high quality, then we don't buy them! We only buy and sell the best of the best. If the machines we buy are substandard, we part them out.

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TheEmbroideryWarehouse has access to over 500 used machines for sale by private indivduals, trade-ins, etc. TEWH only resells the top 5% - 10% of these machines.

Embroidery Machine Upgrades

ThreadsES Digitizing Software SWF Floppy To USB Barudan Black Box Barudan Black Box
NEW Digitizing Software
Software $1 a day!
YES, $1 a day!
Floppy To USB Upgrade
Do away with floppies!
SWF USB Upgrade Shown
Embroidery Black Box
External USB file reader
Barudan USB Upgrade Shown
USB to WiFi
Upgrade any Embroidery Machine to Wireless!

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We buy Tajimas, Barudan, SWF, Toyota, Melco, Happy, ZSK, Brother. Got salvage machines or machines in poor condition? We also buy parts equipment

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New Embroidery Equipment

Butterfly Embroidery Equipment - the high-value, low-cost maker of single-head and multi-head commercial embroidery machines.


TheEmbroideryWarehouse is the primary worldwide distributor of Butterfly Embroidery Equipment.

Butterfly is the best priced new embroidery machine on the market. The machines come fully loaded with digitizing software for less than $8000

Butterfly comes in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 heads (single head shown in picture).

Also see the Butterfly Embroidery Machine Wiki

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Butterfly Butterfly
Butterfly 4-head embroidery machine; Butterfly is a rising name in the commercial embroidery machine industry. PLRElectronics specializes in embroidery machine circuit board repair and embroidery machine upgrades.