Start or grow your Embroidery Business sooner then you thought

Your Embroidery Business, starting in a positive sturdy direction.

Start or grow your embroidery business sooner then you thought

TheEmbroideryWarehouse is here to help you get started with both new and used commercial embroidery equipment

Start or grow your embroidery business sooner then you thought. TheEmbroideryWarehouse is here to help you get started with any of the new or used embroidery equipment we have to offer. We are here to help newbies start going in a positive, sturdy direction and also here to help improve your existing embroidery business if you are looking to expand.

We offer the New Butterfly B1501 B/T Commercial Embroidery machines at wonderful prices. Also included wit the machine, user friendly LCD Screen or Touch screen control panel design. This machine comes with 5 year warranty as well as free full Online digitizing software. Also included, free training with your own machine here in our warehouse or, over live video chat. (via Face Time or Skype). This will give you the training you need to start embroidering right away.

All our new machines come with a complete Start-Up package. With this package you get spools of assorted colors, depending on the number of needles the machine and, a starter kit (with backing, Savvy, tools, pre-wound bobbins, Needles, etc..). The machine also comes with the machines stand, and the sash frame for jacket backs, blankets, towels and other large flat goods. The Butterfly brand also come in multi heads to help you get large jobs done quicker. All machines also come with plenty of hoops to do most all types of commercial embroidery jobs such as shirts,aprons, etc. The machines also come with the cap system for doing embroidery on caps / baseball hats.

We offer financing, so please don´t hesitate to give us a call. New Equipment includes free shipping within the continental United States. Taxes are exempt in the USA including Texas with proper tax resell documentation.

We also have Refurbished / Used machines. Tajima, SWF, Melco, Barudan, and Toyota commercial embroidery machines. Please keep in mind, all of our refurbished machine´s will come with a complimentary USB upgrade from our sister company, PLR Electronics. PLR Electronics also does the refurbishing of our electronics and warranties on all our used equipment. All Refurbished machines will come with warranty, as well as the Free Online Full digitizing software, and training on the machine of your purchase. You can also include the start-up kit at additional cost. (cost may vary with multi head machines) starter kit starting as little as 250$. We can also look for your choice of make and model´s that will suit you right if we do not already have what you need.

Tired of looking for a machine from a non-refurbished company? Worried about what the previous owner had done or, has not done on the machine? There are no worries of that here. As we take care of that before the machine gets to you. Have a wonderful refurbished or New machine from TheEmbroideryWarehouse. All machine can be paid with financing, credit card, money order, cashier´s check, Wire transfer, as well as Cash. So order yours today!

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