Economical Embroidery Machines and Equipment

Are you looking for Economical Embroidery Machines and Equipment?

The Butterfly Embroidery Machines are the best Economical Embroidery Machines and Equipment on the market.

Butterfly is economically priced but does not cut quality.

The embroidery quality of the Butterfly embroidery machine are comparable to its competitors and most cannot tell the differences.

Total Package

The Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines are offered fully loaded for a fraction of what the competition charges.

Check out the various options we offer to meet all types of budgets


The Butterfly comes with a lot of options and accessories. Please ask your sales rep because somes packages may or maynot include the following:
Cap System
Large Sewing Area
Cylinder Attachments
And more…

The technical specification of the machine back its productivity.


Butterfly are Economical Embroidery Machines and Equipment and a brand that has been around for a long time, almost 100 years. Butterfly is the only economical embroidery machine on the market built with quality in mind.

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