Limited Time Offer!

Buy a Butterfly 6 head, 15 needle embroidery machine and receive a FREE fully loaded Single Head, 15 needle Butterfly embroidery machine!  Also included, a Free Tablet with Threads Embroidery Software!

The Butterfly 1506, 6 head 15 needle commercial embroidery machine is an excellent machine designed for embroidering on caps including tubular (shirts, etc) and flat goods.

Included FREE with the purchase of the 6 head is a commercial 15 needle single head embroidery machine.  The Butterfly 1501 Single Head 15 needle Commercial Embroidery Machine will compete with all other industrial embroidery machines of its class.  The machine is quiet, smooth, and does excellent embroidery work..

Join all this with Threads Embroidery Software, and a FREE tablet!

This is a limited time and limited quantity offer.  Please check with your sales rep to see if this promo is still available.

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