Our History

Butterfly Embroidery Equipment – SINCE 1919 A glance at Our Butterfly Embroidery Machine Company’s history.

A glance at Our Butterfly Embroidery Machine Company’s history.

Unlike much of the competition the Butterfly Company and Brand is not a recent upstart Chinese embroidery machine company. We are very different.

About the brand

We would like to show you how our embroidery machine is different and some reasons why you should choose our brand. We also invite you to visit our Butterfly Embroidery Machine Museum based in Shanghai, China.

Butterfly started making household sewing machines since 1919 and began production of commercial embroidery machines in 1990. Butterfly is state-owned by Shanghai government. Since the 1970s, the government started the work of world wide registration. Approximately 100 registration exist world wide.
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Butterfly Embroidery Equipment – SINCE 1919

How are we different

How are we different from the rest? Start by asking the competition how long their brand has been in existence. Are they selling a startup machine or a machine with history? Most of our competitors brands have been around less than a few years. The majority of our competitors brands will not be around in the next few years. Ask our competitors how many brands they have sold in the past? What happened to those brands and why have they discontinued to sell them? How long were they selling their previous discontinued brand and how long have they been selling their new model? Chances are each answer will be less than a few years.


Our machines are built on quality and on pride. We have learned how to improve the machine from the big names and, we have learned how to not do things from watching competitors machine brands become obsolete.