About the Butterfly Embroidery Machine Brand

About the brand

Butterfly’ is a worldwide commercial embroidery machine brand. Butterfly started making household sewing machines since 1919 and began production of commercial embroidery machines in 1990. Since its inception, Butterfly has provided its customers with products of the highest quality at the most economical price possible. We also provide superb after sales service and support which has helped us enjoy our strong worldwide reputation. Butterfly embroidery machines come in 1 – 20 heads with the single heads embroidery machines being the biggest seller in the USA.

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About our Company

The Butterfly line is distributed by TheEmbroideryWarehouse, Inc. located in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

TheEmbroideryWarehouse has been a strong player in the embroidery industry for nearly 2 decades (almost 20 years). In the A decade, TheEmbroideryWarehouse has primarily focused on the sales of used refurbished embroidery machines which have provided them with a very strong backbone on the embroidery industry with experience on all types of makes, models and years.

TheEmbroideryWarehouse has also partnered with PLR Electronics, a company that specializes in embroidery machine circuit board and electronic repairs and upgrades. This has given them an edge in the embroidery machine equipment sales with the electronics support that PLR offers us, that no other competitor in the industry can truly provide.

We have worked with most every type, make, model and year of embroidery equipment in the industry. We have seen a fair share of both successes and failures in the embroidery industry and have been able to bring our knowledge and skills together to support what we consider to be the best buy on the market in terms of commercial embroidery machines.

  • Years of experience with many makes and models of equipment.
  • Many solutions to choose from.
  • Strong partnerships and alliances with other companies

Fort Worth Texas is roughly 45 minutes driving from west from Dallas, 5 hours North of Houston, and about 3 hours north of Austin, Texas. Fort Worth Texas is strategically placed very close to the center of the USA, making TheEmbroideryWarehouse and Fort Worth, a central hub for embroidery equipment and support. Contact Us!

Butterflys humble beginnings
Butterfly inception begins in 1919 in Shaanghai China where Butterfly sold their first sewing machine.
Worldwide Registrations
Butterfly beings registering the machine worldwide. Today, approximately 100 registration exist worldwide.
Commercial Embroidery Machine Development
Butterfly begins production of their commercial embroidery machines.
TheEmbroideryWarehouse starts to import and sell the Butterfly 1201 embroidery machine in the Untied States of America.
After years of research and even more year of experience in commercial embroidery equipment, TheEmbroideryWarehouse chooses Butterfly as their exclusive line of new commercial embroidery equipment. TheEmbroideryWarehouse sells the Butterfly worldwide and is headquartered in the USA.
Threads Embroidery Software
Butterfly teams up with Threads Embroidery Software to produce a custom digitizing embroidery software specifically for the Butterfly
100 Year Anniversary!
100 Year Later and Butterfly CONTINUES to build quality. We hope our family continues to be a part of your for another 100 years down the road! Congratulations!!!
Butterfly leads the pack
Butterfly has proven to stay onto of its competitors and continues to be the leader in quality will still being economically priced. TheEmbroideryWarehouse has doubled their technical support staff for the latest expected influx of sales in 2016.