ButterFly B1502 B/T – 2 Head Embroidery Machine – The Butterfly 2 head 15 needle can produce 2 embroidered items at a time. The Butterfly 2 head embroidery machine can embroidery caps, flats, and tubular items such as shirts, etc. This is an Industrial Grade embroidery machine

Butterfly B-1502 B/T

Make: ButterFly
Model: B 1502 B/T
Heads: 2
Needles: 15

  • Includes
  • Full Embroidery Digitizing, Lettering, and Editing software
  • 8 inch LED 800*600 pixels true-color screen panel with keypad
  • Highest embroidery speed 1000 rpm
  • Japanese HIROSE brand rotary hook/bobbin/bobbin case
  • Japanese ORGAN brand needles, motor-driven thread-hooking system
  • Infrared positioning device, multi-driven mechanism for X driver
  • French Schneider power system to save electricity by 20%
  • Auto thread break detection
  • Auto bobbin thread detection
  • Auto bobbin winder
  • 5 sizes of hoops (2 pcs for each size)
  • 1 table and 1 aluminum frame for flat bed embroidery
  • 270 Cap drivers
  • Tool box
  • Spare parts
  • All multihead machines include CAP+GARMENT+FLAT BED mixed embroidery functionality.

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