Commercial Embroidery Machine 270 Degree Cap System

 270 degree Cap (hat) system with 2 cap frames for embroidery on baseball caps, hats, etc.

Each one of our embroidery machines comes STANDARD with a complete cap system consisting of 2 cap frames PER HEAD.  This embroidery cap system will allow you to embroidery on most all standard-sized baseball caps.


The Butterfly embroidery machine comes with 2 cap frames (only one shown in the pictures) and a cap system. Hats not included.  Having 2 cap frames allows for one to be hooped while the other is hooped on a cap and embroidering.

Each machine comes with two of the 270-degree cap frames shown PER HEAD. This is the device that clamps to the cap which then connects to the embroidery machine.

Each head will come with a cap pantograph frame similar to shown in the picture. This device mounts to the machine and holds the cap frames.

The 270-degree cap frames will allow the operator to embroidery the front 270 degrees of a standard-sized baseball cap. This embroidery space is approximately, ear to ear on the cap. To embroidery on the back of the cap, use the standard small embroidery machine hoop that is included standard with the Butterfly machines.