ButterFly B1506 B/T – 6 Head Embroidery Machine

ButterFly B1506 B/T – 6 Head Embroidery Machine – The Butterfly 6 head 15 needle can produce 6 embroidered items at a time. The Butterfly 6 head embroidery machine can embroider caps, flats, and tubular items such as shirts, etc. This is an industrial grade embroidery machine that is designed to run 24/7.

With this 6 head you will be able to embroider most everything you see with embroidery on it.  This is one of our top selling multi heads. 

6 Heads

The machine has 6 heads meaning it can do 6 different garments (of the same logo) at a time.  15 colors allows you to do designs with up to 15 colors.

Speed on Caps

This machine is surprisingly quiet and does caps very well.  We are very proud of this embroidery machine work horse!  This 6 head is surprisingly quiet and was built more heavy duty than most of its competition, specifically to tackle caps.  This machine is excellent for embroidering on caps and shirts!
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ButterFly B 1506 B/T

Make: ButterFly
Model: B 1506B/T
Heads: 6
Needles: 15


Sewing Area: 475×330

Power: 800w
Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Weight: 880 KG
Dimensions: 345cm – L * 110cm – W * 157cm – H =  11′ 4″ – L  * 3′ 6″ – W * 5′ 3″ – H


  • Cap / Hat Embroidery
  • Tubular Embroidery – Shirts, Jackets, etc.
  • Flat Embroidery – Blankets, heavy goods, etc.
  • Full Embroidery Digitizing, Lettering, and Editing Software
  • LED Full Color screen panel
  • Highest embroidery speed 1200 rpm
  • Japanese HIROSE brand rotary hook/bobbin/bobbin case
  • Japanese ORGAN brand needles, motor-driven thread-hooking system
  • Infrared positioning device, multi-driven mechanism for X driver
  • French Schneider power system to save electricity by 20%
  • Auto thread break detection
  • Auto bobbin thread detection
  • Auto bobbin winder
  • 5 sizes of hoops (2 pcs for each size)
  • 1 table and 1 aluminum frame for flat bed embroidery
  • 270 Cap Driver with Cap Frames
  • Tool box
  • Spare parts
  • All multihead machines include CAP+GARMENT+FLAT BED mixed embroidery functionality.
  • 110v / 220v compatible.  Setup for 110v in USA.
  • Subject to changes.



Contact US without hesitation if you have any questions about the Butterfly Commercial and Industrial Embroidery Machine by calling at 817-346-7691 (USA) or at our Contact US Page!

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With this 4 head you will be able to embroider most everything you see with embroidery on it.  This is one of our top selling multi heads.`

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