Butterfly B-1504B/T

4 Heads - 15 Needles

The Butterfly B1504 B/T – 4 heads – 15 needles Embroidery Machine.
This machines is deal for small and medium businesses with many embroidery machines. with this 4 head machine Can embroider almost anything You have seen with embroidery. This is one our Multi Head best sold.

The machine has 4 heads, which means you can embroider on four garments (the same logo) at the same time. 15 needles allow you to desing up to 15 colors.

This machine is surprisingly quiet and embroiders caps beautifully. We are very proud of this embroidery machine mule!

The multi-head embroidery machine includes:

USA Worldwide

Distributors based out Fort Worth, Texas. Your trusted distributor for the USA and beyond.


Embroidery Software Equipped with Full Lettering, Editing and Digitizing Software.

Worldwide Shipping

We offer worldwide shipping, bringing the power of our brand to your doorstep

Starter Kit

Comes with everything you need to get started in the embroidery business!

Wirelessly Networkable

Share your Embroidery Designs with 1 or many more Machines.

Cap System

Cap frames to embroider the front 180 or 270 degrees of a standard size baseball cap. To embroider on the back of the cap, use the standard small embroidery machine hoop that is included as standard with Butterfly machines.

Control Panel

Monogramming Touch Display – Set lettering on your embroidery machine The Butterfly embroidery machine comes with a built in monogramming touch display app allowing user to set lettering on their embroidery machine to embroidery directly on the garment. The app will allow you to add lettering on the fly without having to go back to your computer. Perfect for one time items.

USB Port

The Butterfly Embroidery Machines comes standard with a USB Port that reads from a standard memory stick or from the WIFI device.

The Butterfly Embroidery Machine can read formats like DST (Tajima), DSB, DSZ, DOS, FDR, and ZSK. However, FDR and ZSK files are read-only (No deletion, initialization or output is available.) When saving, designs are saved to as the DSB format.

Tubular Hoops

Each Butterfly embroidery machine is sold with a complete set of Tubular Embroidery Machine Hoops. With the tubular hoop set included, you can embroider most all your basic embroidered items such as shirts, aprons, jackets, linens, backs of hats, and many more.

Custom Digitized Embroidery Designs

We offer full custom embroidery digitizing. Many of our Embroidery Machine Packages come with a certain about of Custom Digitized Embroidery Designs. The quality of the embroidery digitizing is very important because without quality digitizing, you will not have quality embroidery.

Border Sash

Each Butterfly embroidery machine is sold with an Embroidery Machine Border Sash. With the borders sash included, you can embroidery patches as well as large items such as ags, sheets, aprons, etc.
Each Butterfly embroidery machine comes with ‘Threads Embroidery Software’. Threads Embroidery Software is a complete digitizing, lettering, and editing software package.

High Quality Embroidery Thread

Our embroidery starter kit is equiped with High Quality Embroidery Thread. We prefer to use Robison-Anton thread with the Butterfly Embroidery Machines.


The USB to WIFI device allows the machine to receive embroidery data
wirelessly from a main source such as a shared directory on a PC.

Tool Kit

Each Butterfly Embroidery machines comes standard with a Tool Kit (and Tool Box) for doing any basic maintenance or tune-ups on the machine.

Some of these basic tools are also needed for changing needles, or changing over from ‘Flats’ to ‘Caps’ for example.

You should be able to do all maintenance over the life of the machine with this simple tool kit.

Laser light system

The laser light system helps align the garments and also helps when tracing the size of the embroidery design with the selected hoop to make sure that the design with fit and will embroidery in the desired.

The laser tracer is placed under the neck of the embroidery machine.

Extended Warranty and Protection Plan

Want a lifetime machine service and parts warranty? Check into our Butterfly Lifetime Service and Protection Plan.

5 year limited warranty

The Butterfly Embroidery Machine comes with a 5 year limited warranty and support package. As long as your machines is under warranty, you are covered by our support package and eligible for free tune-ups.


  • Caps / Hat embroidery
  • Tubular Embroidery– Shirts, Jackets, etc.
  • PLano Embroidery – Blankets, heavy garments, etc.
  • Software Complete for Digitization, Lettering and Editing Embroidery.
  • 800 * 600 pixel 8 inch true color LED panel with keyboard.
  • 1000 rpm embroidery top speed.
  • HIROSE brand Japanese rotary hook / coil / coil box.
  • Needles and thread hooking system with Japanese ORGAN motor.
  • Infrared positioning device and multi-driven mechanism for X controller.
  • French Schneider power system for electricity savings of up to 20%.
  • Auto thread break detection.
  • Auto bobbin thread detection.
  • Auto winder.
  • 5 sizes of hoops (2 pieces per size).
  • 1 table and 1 aluminum frame for flatbed embroidery.
  • 270 cap driver with 4 frames.
  • Toolbox.
  • Extra spare parts.
  • All multi-head machines include mixed functionality CAPS + GARMENTS + FLAT BASE.
  • Compatible with 110v / 220v. Ready for 110v in the US.
  • Subject to change.
  • 15 Colors with Automatic color changes
  • Color LCD Touch Display
  • USB Port
  • Trimming System
  • Butterfly Technical Support Package
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty!
  • Single Head Embroidery Machine Stand with wheels for transporting and feet for when embroidering
  • 270 Cap system with 2 cap frames and a cap gauge
  • Slide in workable table (for embroidery on large or flat items)
  • Embroidery Flat Sash (for embroidery on large or flat items)
  • 3 different size sets of hoops (for doing embroidery on most anything)
  • Threads ES Full Digitizing and Lettering software. Full Editing software for Commercial Embroidery designs.
  • USB to WiFi adapter to download files off the cloud or your PC
  • 1 year live support from our technicians in Texas. Phone, e-mail and ‘Face Time’ based support
  • Starter kit included with everything you need to start embroidery. Needles, backing, bobbins, etc
  • 15 different colors of high quality embroidery thread
  • Customized Training and Support videos on request
  • 10 Custom digitized embroidery designs (logos and small basic designs)
  • Butterfly Cylinder Attachment device(Extra)
  • We accept also offer full financing!

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