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Butterfly Embroidery Machines

With Butterfly Embroidery Machines, users can effortlessly transform their creative visions into stunning embroidered masterpieces. Whether embellishing intricate designs on fabrics or adding intricate details to garments, these machines empower users to unleash their artistic potential with precision and ease. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to boundless creativity with Butterfly Embroidery Machines at your fingertips.

Why we are the best in the industry?

Make it happen!

“Make it Happen! Transform all your embroidery ideas into reality something to be proud of, something to wow others. Experience the pinnacle of quality with our high-performance embroidery equipment.”


Our happy customers!

Buy a Machine and be Happy


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Thanks again!

Our Best Seller!

With Butterfly B-1501B/T CEO Package, you will receive onsite training at your location!

Also included in the price is shipping within the USA and a starter kit.

Our most inclusive package and is also our top seller.

With the Butterfly Embroidery Equipment Line-Up, you can find the Perfect Embroidery Equipment, Perfect for your business or embroidery projects.

B-1501B/T SUMO Single Head - 15 Needles Commercial Embroidery Machine
eRobot Single Head - 15 Needles Commercial Embroidery Machine
Transformer Single Head - 15 Needles Commercial Embroidery Machine
Chenille II Single Head - 15 Needles Commercial Embroidery Machine
Butterfly B-1501B/T STANDARD Single Head - 15 Needles
TEWH SI Dual 902 2 Heads 9 Needles - Commercial Embroidery Machine

Our Centenial

At TheEmbroideryWarehouse, we have enjoyed selling Butterfly Embroidery Equipment for most of our existence. We are proud to celebrate ButterFly’s 100th anniversary, and proud to continue to make our customers ideas Fly !

We have the perfect embroidery machine waiting for you.