Full Commercial Embroidery Software Digitizing, Lettering, and Editing included

Also includes customized digitized designs!

Each Butterfly embroidery machine comes with ‘Threads Embroidery Software’. Threads Embroidery Software is a complete digitizing, lettering, and editing software package.

Threads Embroidery Software

With the Threads Embroidery Software, you can design anything an embroidery machine can embroider. The software is very easy to use and it competes with the highest levels of the competing software. Threads software does not come in tiers, levels, or different package names. This software does not limit features and will allow you to create any embroidery design from scratch to stitches.

• Full Digitizing Capabilities. Stop outsourcing your digitizing!
• Lettering and Editing. Quick and Easy
• Embroidery Design Creation, Modification and Manipulation
• No Tier of Level. This one software has it all.
• Font (Lettering) creation and editing
• Image importation for onscreen digitizing
• Much More!

Training and Support

We offer live one-on-one trainings and support over the internet. We offer personalized support and training to make sure you can use the software to its maximum potential.

Basic, Complete, Easy, not Bulky

The software is very basic and easy to use and not overwhelming like competitors overpriced bulky software.

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