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At TheEmbroideryWarehouse, we work with several underwriters and lenders to help you get into your embroidery equipment!

On selected equipment, we also offer 0% interest and $0 down.

To apply, contact one of our sales representatives and they can help walk you through the approval process.

ALL of our financing programs are FINANCE TO OWN. Meaning when you are done paying off the loan, the embroidery machine is all yours!

Benefits of Financing:

-100% Financing including soft costs (shipping, accessories, training, etc.) – Let us roll machine training and shipping into your loan!
-$0 No Down Payments Required on some machines, for qualified buyers
-0% interest on some machines, for qualified buyers
-12 to 60 month terms
-Deferred & Seasonal Payments
-Tax advantages via IRS Section 179
-Application-only up to $75,000
-Low Market Rates
-Challenged Credits Accepted
-Start-Up Programs

Please fill out the following Preliminary Information. You will then be redirected our Financing Affiliate page where you can apply online directly with several of our options.

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