Butterfly Multi Head Embroidery Machine Packages


The Butterfly line of commercial multi-head machine packages for various needs, budbets, and results.

¿What is an embroidery head?

Butterfly offers 12 and 15 needles multi head embroidery machines. We have machines with 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 heads. 

¡All of our multi-head embroidery machines canEmbroider caps, 12 tubular garments such as shirts, and much more!

¡5 year limited warranty!

Multiple Head.

ButterFly – 6 heads – 15 needles

ButterFly  – 4 heads – 15 needles

ButterFly – 2 heads – 15 needles

Pack CEO – 1 Head

Double, triple, quadruple or sextuple single head pack

Butterfly Dual – 2 heads – 15 needles

Butterfly TRI – 3 heads – 15 needles

Butterfly QUAD – 4 heads – 15 needles

Butterfly HEXA – 6 heads – 15 needles 

Our most popular multi-head machines

 2 Heads – 15 Needles

4 Heads – 15 Needles

6 Heads – 15 Needles

We also offerFinancing for all our packages. 

Offline Multi Head Machines

We also sell offline ” Single Head Multiples” machines such as bundlesDouble (2), Triple (3), and Quadruple (4), of multi-head embroidery machines.

All multi-head machines connect wirelessly to your computer.


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Feel free to contact us about Butterfly commercial and industrial embroidery machines by calling 871-346-7691 (USA) or E-mail us atSales@ButterFlyEmb.com

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Butterfly Multihead Embroidery Machine Packages

ButterFly B1506 B / T – 6 Head Embroidery Machine

ButterFly B1506 B/T – 6 Head Embroidery Machine – 6 heads – 15 needles . This Butterfly can embroider up to 6 garments at the same time. The 6 head embroidery machine can embroider caps, flat and tubular items such as shirts, etc. This is an industrial embroidery machine designed to run 24/7. With this machine, you can embroider pretty much anything you´ve seen embroidery on.

ButterFly B1504 B/T – 4 Head Embroidery Machine

The Butterfly B1504B/T is a 15 – Needle, 4 – Head Commercial Embroidery Machine. This machine is ideal for small and medium businesses or even embroidery shops with many embroidery heads. With this 4 head machine, you can embroider almost anything you have seen with embroidery. This is one of our best multihead sellers.

Contact US if you have any questions about the Butterfly Commercial and Industrial Embroidery Machines by calling us at 817-346-7691 (USA) or at our Contact US Page!

ButterFly 2 Head Embroidery Machine – B1502 B / T

ButterFly B1502 B/T – 2 Head Embroidery Machine – The 2 head 15 needle Butterfly can produce 2 embroidered items at the same time. This is an industrial grade commercial embroidery machine which can embroider items, such as shirts, caps, aprons, etc

We also offer financing for all our packages.

ButterFly CP2 Commercial Embroidery Machine

The CP2 is a compact 2 head 15 needle commercial embroidery machine, which works on two pieces of garments simultaneously. This makes it an efficient option for businesses that need to produce a large volume of embroidered items. The compact design of the machine means that it can fit into smaller spaces, making it a good option for businesses with limited workspace.

ButterFly CP3 Commercial Embroidery Machine

CP3 by Butterfly is a 15 needle 3 head workhorse. The 3 head compact design is versatile and an efficient tool for businesses looking to create professional-quality embroidery designs on a smaller scale.

Butterfly Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine CEO Package

With the CEO Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine Special, you will be embroidering on your own commercial embroidery machine with hands-on training at your location in the Continental USA. This is an All-Inclusive package and is the highest level package we have to offer in terms of a new single head commercial embroidery equipment.