34 Reasons why to choose Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines #11 – #15

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11. Network Function.

A surveillance LAN can be built by using the connectors and linked to the factory LAN, which realizes network management, improves production efficiency and reduces possible mistakes. It’s the best choice of embroidery equipment for enterprises to take the modern enterprise management.

12. Patch Embroidery.

This function can set a patch point at the position of color code or stop code, and when the machine embroiders to the patch point, it will halt and move out frame for patching. After sticking a patch, user would press the start key to let the frame return and continue embroidering.

13. Brake Adjustment

User can adjust the parameter of brake to let the main shaft stop at the correct position according to the characters of his own machines.

14. Save Start Point.

This function can save the start point of each design, which waives the works of user for searching the start point at embroidering the identical design.

15. Mechanical Maintaining and Debugging.

This function is to easily judge the malfunctions at maintaining and testing, such as encoder testing, main shaft speed testing, machine parts testing and the main shaft stopping at any position, etc.
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