34 Reasons why to choose Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines #21 – #25

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21. Monogramming Design.

There are 28 letter-bases altogether. Users can make groups and change the letter order according to different tasks. Choose from a big variety of tools to customize names and monograms on the go without the need of a computer digitized file. This operation is simple and easy to manage.

22. Design Editing.

By using this function, users may insert, modify or delete certain stitch at the selected point. New designs can be created with this function too.

23. Speed Adjustment.

The highest speed for embroidery can be preset. During the process of embroidery, speed changes automatically as long as the needle interval changes.

24. Thread-trimming.

Thread-trimming can be manually controlled. The machine can trim the thread automatically at the end of embroidery process or color-changing.

25. Thread-breakage Detection.

In case of thread breakage or running-out of bottom thread, the machine will stop and give the warning by blinking the indicator.

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