34 Reasons why to choose Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machines #6 – #10

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6. Storage of Frequently Used Parameters and Color-Changing Order for Each Design.

Design will be saved along with its parameters, color-changing orders and needle bar colors. System can save the operational details for each design. Users can set parameters for a design during the embroidery process of the previous design, which will save time and improve efficiency. Moreover, it is one basis to realize network management.

7. Group Management of Parameters.

Parameters can be divided into several groups according to their functions, and the part of parameters can be stored, recovered. In some machine with setting password-protected function, system can set password on the parameters for protection.

8. Design I/O via USB.

Customers can use USB disk for data transfer. USB disk supports DIR operation, which is easy for design management. For each directory, system supports operation on 400 designs or sub-directory.

There is no limitation between directory levels. Designs in the formats of Binary, Ternary and Z-narycan be loaded.

9. Input of Several Design Files at One Time.

USB disks support multi-design input under one directory. No need to import designs into your machine memory one by one, you can import many at the same time, even while the machine is on use, which is a great time saver especially when embroidering uniforms and tag names. You can also import all the content of a file folder to the machine memory at once. Total memory capacity of over 100 million stitches.

10. Design Input through Network, Color-changing Order, etc.

Network connector is available, which helps user to input design, color-changing order, and patch sewing and so on.

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