Butterfly is Built on Quality

A century of excellence in embroidery machines

The Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machine is built on Quality. The Butterfly machine is built to our custom specifications. As the American importer of the Butterfly embroidery machine, we expect higher standards than competing machines. We invite you to compare our machines against the competing competing line.

Our long history

The Butterfly is built on quality and, we have a long history of quality equipment. We have been the exclusive dealer of Butterfly for nearly 10 years and we have many years of experience in the used commercial embroidery machine market as well. We know embroidery machines. Where our competitors are primarily start up brands, our brand has been around since 1919. We ask you to get a history of our competitors and, a list of previous equipment they have distributed and then dropped.

Our machines are built to our specification in a clean, quality, comfortable setting with employees safety the only thing above quality. Our engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve the machine without compromising costs and without forgetting that we are built on quality.