Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Equipment Competes With The Best

The Butterfly commercial embroidery machine competes With The Best. Our machine will fit in your current embroidery lineup regardless of what embroidery equipment you are already working with. Butterfly is a also the idea machine for an embroidery newbie. The machine has been engineered and built on quality. The machine is designed to embroider quality embroidery. The Butterfly commercial embroidery machine is designed to make you money with less headaches.

Whether in a storefront, kiosk, home business, hobby, or full industrial 3 shift setting, the Butterfly embroidery machine will compete with the best.


Our machine is a strong workhorse, yet easy to use and operate. It is a tough machine that comes with a strong support backbone. The Butterfly embroidery machine competes with the more popular and expensive Japanese brand name machines.

Like many of the Japanese brands, Butterfly has a long and fruitful history. Butterfly continues to engineer quality embroidery equipment and, is always on top of technology.

Multi Usage

The Butterfly single head embroidery machine is the perfect addition to your fleet. The Butterfly is ideal for samples, travel, single items, high production, customized items, etc. The machine is built on quality and designed to do the work any industrial embroidery machine should be expected to do. Running several single head Butterfly machines will easily perform multi heads in industrial setting. Regardless of what you need to embroidery, the Butterfly should be able to tackle most all embroidery jobs.

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