How does Butterfly compare to the Tajima Embroidery Machine?

How does the Butterfly Embroidery Machine compare to a Tajima?

Tajima is one of (in not) the most popular embroidery machine brands in history. Both the Butterfly and the Tajima embroidery machines share a long history.

Quality and Trailblazers

Tajima is a very high level quality embroidery machine. The Butterfly embroidery company has admired the quality of the Tajima Embroidery Machine and have always strived to keep at their level.

Tajima has always been on top of techology, as the competing Butterfly has been.

However, the Tajima Embroidery Machine does not have built in lettering fonts like the Butterfly embroidery machine. This said, the monogramming feature really puts the Butterfly embroidery machine at a level that other machines are not yet at.

The Butterfly embroidery machine is built using some of the same technologies and designs that the Tajima has successfully used over the years. Many accessories and parts of the Tajima embroidery machine can also be used with the Butterfly. The Butterfly is capable of using most all Tajima type hoops. Common parts such as hooks and bobbins can also be used in the Butterfly.

With the ease of use of the control panel, operators of Tajima embroidery machines easily transfer over to the Butterfly machine.

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