Each Butterfly embroidery machine is sold with a complete set of Tubular Embroidery Machine Hoops. With the tubular hoop set included, you can embroider most all your basic embroidered items such as shirts, aprons, jackets, linens, backs of hats, and many more.

Tubular hoops are used primarily when the removable tabletop is removed.  Tubular hoops are quick to remove hoops that are also quick and easy to hoop.

Sizes may differ, however, the machines come with various sets of hoops.  Each set of tubular hoops comes 2 per head.  The sizes range from small sizes to large sizes.  Small sizes such as 9 cm are typically used for small items, backs of hats, and so forth.  Larger sizes are used for large items such as jacket backs or blankets.  Average size hoops such as 12cm to 15cm are used for items like polo shirts.

Hoops Included

The Butterfly comes with the following sized hoops, 2 per head:

9 CM (3.5″)
12 CM (4.7″)
15 CM (5.9″)
20 CM (9″)
12×29 CM Square (12″)

Jack back Hoop 55 CM x 37 CM (21.5″ x 14.5″) (one)

Aluminum Sash Frame 46 cm W x 35 cm D (18″ x 14″)

The sets come in 2 to allow one hooped garment to be embroidered while another is being prepared in another hoop.

Cap System

The machines come equipped with all the hardware to embroider on caps. Each head comes with a cap driver and 2 cap frames. The cap system can embroider 270 degrees on the front of the cap from ear to ear. Each machine also includes a cap gauge which is used for hooping the caps.

Like the Tubular Hoops, the cap frames come in pairs so one cap can be embroidered while another hat is being prepped.

The cap gauge is a device that attaches to your table and used as a base for hooping the caps.  The cap frames them to attach to the cap gauge.  The cap gauge holds the cap frame while the machine operator hoops the hat into the gauge.  Once the hat is in the gauge, the frame unclasps from the gauge.  The hat frame is then placed on the embroidery machine.