Professional Embroidery Equipment for most all applications

Are you looking for a well versatile, compact, single head commercial embroidery machine?

The Butterfly single head is a 15 needle commercial embroidery machine that can embroider on most everything you see embroidered. The 15 color machine can embroider caps, shirts, aprons, and bags for example; including a large range of other applications.

With the Butterfly Single head standard package, you will have everything you need to create and embroider your own logos and designs. The standard package is equipment with the software and enough hardware to do the majority of all embroidery you will see.

The standard package includes basic consumables such as threads, needles, bobbins and backing. It also includes a tool kit for any maintenance or adjustments.

The Butterfly machine is designed to work full time in large industrial embroidery settings. However, the machine is also a perfect addition to existing embroidery shops, kiosk stores, startups, hobbyist and home embroidery shops.

The machine is very easy to use and also features a full touch screen with on board monogramming and lettering. The monogramming and lettering feature helps make the butterfly a professional embroidery equipment for most all applications.

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