How to start your own Embroidery Business

Looking to start your own Embroidery Business?

Its easier to think and the following advice will help you out on the way.

Plan it out

We recommend you start your own embroidery business with a solid Business Plan. Your embroidery business plan will show all your financial numbers within your budget and will show you how much of a machine or machines your business needs and can afford.

Purchase a machine

When you know how much budget is allocated for the embroidery machine, you should consider purchasing either New or Used. Both options have different benefits.

Purchase an embroidery machines that is “loaded” but priced right. A loaded machine will have full digitizing software, cap system, tubular system, a stand and some type of starter kit with threads, backing, etc. Avoid “overbuying” by only buying what is needed. Many machines will come loaded but, with many unneeded supplies.

Get Legal and official

In Texas, you can go downtown to setup a company entity. You can also go online to setup and LLC or Incorporate yourself. This will protect you legally.

NEVER USE ILLEGAL EMBROIDERY SOFTWARE, NOR ILLEGAL EMBROIDERY DESIGNS. Illegal embroidery software and embroidery designs are everywhere. Its not worth the risk and most software companies are working hand in hand with law enforcement to crack down. Your embroidery shop could be closed down or, you could spend time incarcerated. Legal embroidery software is not at all expensive. Keep your company legal.

Expose Yourself

Start a website – We recommend WordPress templates from Template Monster. WordPress sites are very easy to install and manipulate. Be sure to study up on SEO, SEM and Pay Per Clicks. Also study how to advertise online locally. Focus on advertising to your local market and not the world wide market. Most your customers will be in your back yard.

Get a phone line. Even a “burner phone” is an economical start. Be sure to add the phone and phone expenses to your embroidery business plan.

Location Location Location – Just like real estate, the location of your embroidery shop is important. high traffic and high exposure will bring in sales. Be sure to be realistic with your rent budget and include that in your business plan. If you plan on running a for profit embroidery shop out of your house, be sure to do enough web and local advertising.

Word of Mouth – Most of our customers who have successful embroidery business do little if no advertising. Word of mouth advertising is very inexpensive and is the most effective form of marketing in the embroidery world.

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