Lubricating, Oiling and Greasing your ButterFly Embroidery Machine

Lubricating, Oiling and Greasing your Embroidery Machine

Where to oil and grease your ButterFly embroidery machine, and how often. This will keep your machine running longer, healthier, and quieter.

Be sure to clean up any extra oil drips or deposits with a blue shop towel. Oil may run down and collect both at the bottom of the hook area, and bottom of the “head” and laser area. Remove covers if needed (meaning the hook/bobbin cover) and don’t let oil soak into your bobbin thread if there is that much excess.

Keep it clean

If you cleaned up various areas of the machine with alcohol squirt/spray and blue towels, be absolutely sure to re-oil all moving metal parts that need it, then try to collect the excess oil.

If the machine has been sitting awhile (a few weeks), cleaning/oiling the moving parts then running the machine on each needle in RPM test mode (maybe with a heavy oiling on each needle shaft, with all threads removed) can get the machine up and running smoothly again; then wipe all excess when ready to actually sew, and put the threads (and bobbin) back on.

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