Setting Tensions on an Embroidery Machine

Tensions on your embroidery machine are very important.

The machine might break threads, destroy garments, or just do a terrible job with embroidery without proper tensions set. The true is the same for any embroidery machine currently on the market. If the tensions are not set perfectly, any machine just wont run perfectly.

The tensions on the machine are something that need to be monitored often by the machine operator.

Commercial Embroidery Machine tension consists of 2 factors. There is the Upper Thread Tension and the Bobbin Thread Tension. The Upper Thread tension with the tension knobs close to the embroidery spools. The bobbin tension is set on the bobbin case.

There is only 1 bobbin case on an embroidery machine. However, there are several different cones of embroidery thread, each of which has its own tension knobs. Therefore, it is very important to have the tensions on the bobbin case set right from the start and then use the individual knobs for the thread tensions to fine tune.

Setting Tensions on an Embroidery Machine

Upper Thread Tension

Bobbin Thread Tension

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