The Cap Cruncher Package has everything you need to do embroidery on just about everything. The package is the same as our standard package but, includes extra cap frames for having more embroidery caps ready to go.

For cap intensive labor. Our standard package + more.

Butterfly B-1501/T – Single Head, 15 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine

With the Cap Cruncher Package you will be embroidering on your own commercial embroidery machine with hands-on training at our location in Fort Worth, Texas. This is an All Inclusive package and has everything you need to embroider caps all day long and then more. This machine will also do anything else embroidery such as shirts, aprons, etc.

The Cap Cruncher Package:

-Butterfly B-1501/T – Single Head, 15 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine

-Automatic color changes

-1000 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)

Color LCD Touch Display

-USB Drive

-Trimming System

-5 Year Limited Warranty!

-Single Head Embroidery machine stand with wheels for transporting and feet for when embroidering

270 Cap system with 4 cap frames and a cap gauge

-Slide in workable table (for embroidery on large or flat items)

-Embroidery Flat Sash (for embroidery on large or flat items)

-3 different size sets of hoops (6 hoops total) for doing embroidery on most anything.

-Threads ES Full Digitizing and Lettering software. Full Editing software for Commercial Embroidery designs.

USB to WiFi adapter to download files off the cloud or your PC

1 years live support from our technicians in Texas. Phone, e-mail and ‘Face Time’ based support.

-Starter kit included with everything you need to start embroidery. Needles, backing, bobbins, etc.

-15 different colors of high quality embroidery thread.

-Customized Training and Support Custom made videos on request.

-10 Custom digitized embroidery designs (logos and small basic designs)

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