The Top 10 Best Commercial Embroidery Machines

The machines on this list are considered to be the Top 10 Best Commercial Embroidery Machines built. These models are highly sought models on the used market due to their reliability and quality.

The Top 10 Best Single Heads

These rankings of these machines are in no particular order

Melco Amaya – Melco has always revolutionized the embroidery industry. They Amaya machine has been a strong contender in the embroidery machine industry. Amayas are plentiful in the embroidery industry but, not found much on the used market. Amaya is definitely a machine that stands alone. Although some users might be intimidated by Amaya, its seasoned users love it.

Barudan Beat – The Barudan BEAT was one of the first single heads by Barudan. The machine had monogramming packs and was very loved by its owners and operators. Having the Monogram pack was something that allowed Barudan to stand out, at the time custom embroidery was really getting popular and in demand.

Butterfly 1501 with Monogramming – The 1501 Butterfly with full monogramming is a revolution in commercial embroidery equipment. Butterfly is one of the oldest embroidery machine brands.

Tajima TMEX-C1501 – Tajima is one of the top of the line embroidery machines. The full size 15 needle machines are one of the highest demanded machines on the used market. These machines were built to last and they hold their resell value. Tajima is a machine which all competitors want to be.

Tajima TMEX-C1201 – The 1201, 12 needle single head, was the first full size Tajima with stand that really showed that Tajima could also compete, and dominate in the single head embroidery machine market.

Toyota 830 – The Toyota 830 model is by far one of the most durable single heads on the market. The machines was designed to be durable and transportable. These machines exploded on the scene when traveling embroidery shops became popular in the mid 1990s. The Toyota 830 can still be seen at fairs, trade shows, etc. Toyota was built by Aisin which is the same company that produces transmissions and other technologies for the Toyota motor company.

Toyota 9000 – The Toyota embroidery machine is in a class of its own. Toyota was one of the first truly portable machines. The Toyota 9000 and Toyota 9100 were the last 2 models made by Toyota / Aisin out of Japan. These models were much closer related to the earlier Toyota 830 models.

Tajima NEO – The Tajima NEO was developed when Tajima bought the Toyota embroidery equipment brand around the year 2005. The Tajima NEO is basically a Toyota 9000 and vice versa. The Toyota embroidery line is no longer available and has been replaced with Tajima’s NEO.

Melco EMC10 – The EMC10 was one of Melco’s first portable machines. At one time, Melco single heads dominated the USA market over Barudan and Tajimas. The EMC model was part of that success that Melco held in the early 90s

SWF 1501 – SWF was one of the first economically priced embroidery machines. Unlike most other Japaneses brands, this brand is made in Korea. SWF machines are economically priced on the used market but, they still compete with Tajima. SWFs are basically “clones” of the Tajima.

The above list of the Top 10 Best Commercial Embroidery Machines was based on our sales and demand at TheEmbroideryWarehouse

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