In this article you’ll be able to inspect and read about each one of the accesories included when you purchase a Butterfly embroidery machine.

Every Butterfly Embroidery Machine comes with the following accesories:

  1. Embroidery Machine Thread
  2. USB Port
  3. Machine Tool Kit
  4. Tubular Embroidery Machine Hoops
  5. Butterfly Industrial Embroidery Machine Slide In Tabletop
  6. Laser light tracker system
  7. 5 Year limited warranty
  8. Butterfly Technical Support Package
  9. 270 Degree Cap system
  10. USB to WiFi for Embroidery Networking
  11. Embroidery Flat Sash – Border Sash
  12. Threads® Embroidery Software

Butterfly Embroidery Machine Starter Kit:

The Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machine Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started in the embroidery business! We include consumables such as:

  • Threads
  • Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Backings
  • Solvy
  • and everything else you need to get started embroidering right away.

1. Embroidery Machine Thread

The Starter Kit includes 15 basic colors of thread per head. High quality Robinson-Anton thread with each machine

Tools and Parts – The Starter Kit includes many tools such as screwdrivers, allen wrenches, etc (Displayed below). These tools should be all you need in case of maintenance, repair, or adjustments. The kit also includes several parts for minor repairs, or operator mistakes. Scissors, tweezers, needles and other operator tools are also included.  These tools should be all you need in case of maintenance, repair, or adjustments.

Embroidery Consumables – We include consumables needed such as backing and wash-a-way (solvy) in our starter kit (described above).

All other essential accesories are included with each embroidery machine.

2. USB Port

The Butterfly Embroidery Machines comes standard with a USB Port that reads from a standard memory stick or from the WIFI device.

The Butterfly Embroidery Machine can read formats like DST (Tajima), DSB, DSZ, DOS, FDR, and ZSK. However, FDR and ZSK files are read only (No deletion, initialization or output is available.) When saving, designs are saved to as the DSB format.

3. Machine Tool kit

Each Butterfly Embroidery machine comes standard with a  Tool Kit (and  Tool Box) for doing any basic maintenance or tune-ups on the machine.

Some of these basic tools are also needed for changing needles, or changing over from ‘Flats’ to ‘Caps’ for example.

You should be able to do all maintenance over the life of the machine with this included simple tool kit.

Butterfly Embroidery Control Panel Lettering Examples

The Embroidery control panel lettering is a very powerful tool to have and makes life easier and quicker.  The manipulation of the lettering is very easy, and the quality of the final embroidery is superb. Everything is done on a nice touchscreen display making it very user friendly and convenient.  The lettering application comes with a lot of tools and is very visual.

Setting lettering from the control panel is a huge advantage for anyone in the market for a single head commercial embroidery machine. The feature allows users in a Kiosk, fair, bazaar, meeting, swaps, etc to quickly add text to their customers garments. This keeps the operator from having to go back to their computer and create the lettering font. This is a huge time saver, and really cuts down on labor costs or missed opportunities.

4. Tubular Embroidery Machine Hoops

Each Butterfly embroidery machine is sold with a complete set of Tubular Embroidery Machine Hoops. With the tubular hoop set included, you can embroider most all your basic embroidered items such as shirts, aprons, jackets, linens, backs of hats, and many more.
Tubular hoops are used primarily when the removable tabletop is removed.  Tubular hoops are quick remove hoops that are also quick and easy to hoop.
Sizes may differ, however the machines come with various sets of hoops.  Each set of tubular hoops comes 2 per head.  The sizes range from small sizes to large sizes.  Small size such as 9 cm are typically used for small items, backs of hats, and so forth.  Larger sizes are used for large items such as jacket backs or blankets.  Average size hoops such as 12cm to 15cm are used for items like polo shirts.

Hoops Included

The Butterfly comes with the following sized hoops, 2 per head:
– 9 CM (3.5″)
– 12 CM (4.7″)
– 15 CM (5.9″)
– 20 CM (9″)
– 12×29 CM Square (12″)
– Jackback Hoop 55 CM x 37 CM (21.5″ x 14.5″) (one)
– Aluminum Sash Frame 46 cm W x 35 cm D (18″ x 14″)

The sets come in 2 to allow one hooped garment to be embroidered while another is being prepared in another hoop.

Cap System

The machines come equipped with all the hardware to embroider on caps. Each head comes with a cap driver and 2 cap frames. The cap system can embroider 270 degrees on the front of the cap from ear to ear. Each machine also includes a cap gauge which is used for hooping the caps.
Like the Tubular Hoops, the cap frames come in pairs so one cap can be embroidered while another hat is being prepped.
The cap gauge is a device that attaches to your table and used as a base for hooping the caps.  The cap frames them attach to the cap gauge.  The cap gauge holds the cap frame while the machine operator hoops the hat into the gauge.  Once the hat is in the gauge, the frame unclasps from the gauge.  The hat frame is then placed on the embroidery machine.

5. Butterfly Industrial Embroidery Machine Slide In Tabletop

Butterfly Industrial Embroidery Machine Slide In Tabletop. The slide in tabletop is used for sewing flat goods. Flat embroidery refers to non tubular embroidery or in other words, when the tabletop is on the machine.

Each one of our Single Head Industrial embroidery machines come STANDARD with a Slide in Tabletop. The Slide in tabletop is used for sewing flat goods.

The slide in tabletop is used for sewing flat goods. Flat embroidery refers to non tubular embroidery or in other words, when the tabletop is on the machine. The tabletop helps provide support for large or heavy goods or, when large designs are being embroidered. Examples of flat embroidery goods are towels, sheets, blankets, jackets or other large items that need a large flat sewing area. The slide in tabletop provides this support. The tabletop is removed to embroidery caps or tubular goods.


An embroidery machine without the slide out table has typically been referred to as the “tubular embroidery machine”. Tubular refers to that the embroidery goods can go completely around the sewing arm of the embroidery machine. Therefore making it easier to embroidery goods such as t-shirts which are tubular in shape

The slide-in tabletop can be installed or removed by simply sliding it in. On each side of the table, there are thumb screws to hold it down.

With the tabletop on, it allows for better stabilization on heavy goods such as jackets, blankets, towels, etc.

Embroidery Machine Stand for the Single head Butterfly:

The embroidery machine stand for the Butterfly machine makes the machine mobile and sturdy.

What exactly can the Butterfly commercial embroidery machine embroider?

6. Laser light tracker system for the Butterfly commercial embroidery machine.

Each one of our embroidery machines come STANDARD with a Laser Light tracker system used for tracing and aligning the embroidery garment and design.

Included Standard on each Butterfly machine

A laser light system comes standard with all of the Butterfly Embroidery Machines. The laser light system helps align the garments and also helps when tracing the size of the embroidery design with the selected hoop to make sure that the design with fit and will embroidery in the desired

The laser tracer is placed under the neck of the embroidery machine.

7. Butterfly Warranty Plan

5 year limited warranty

The Butterfly Embroidery Machine comes with a 5 year limited warranty and support package.

As long as your machines is under warranty, you are covered by our support package and eligible for free tune-ups.

Extended Warranty and Protection Plan

Want a lifetime machine service and parts warranty? Check into our Butterfly Lifetime Service and Protection Plan.

8. Butterfly Technical Support Package

Butterfly Technical Support Package

The Butterfly Technical Support Packages are offered in yearly blocks. Additional support package blocks are sold separately once the current package expires.

The Butterfly Technical Support Package includes live phone and video (facetime, etc) support. It also include email support and at times, customized videos.

Some of our packages such as the CEO package, might come with more than one year block of technical support. For example, the CEO package comes with a 2 year package.

Also check out our Support Page and our Technical Support Library for additional support.

9. 270 Degree Cap System

Commercial Embroidery Machine 270 Degree Cap System

270 degree Cap (hat) system with 2 cap frames for embroidery on baseball caps, hats, etc.

Each one of our embroidery machines comes STANDARD with a complete cap system consisting of 2 cap frames PER HEAD.  This embroidery cap system will allow you to embroidery on most all standard sized baseball caps.


The Butterfly embroidery machine comes with 2 cap frames (only one shown in the pictures) and a cap system. Hats not included.  Having 2 cap frames allows for one to be hooped while the other is hooped on a cap and embroidering.

Each machine comes with two of the 270 degree cap frames shown PER HEAD. This is the device that clamps to the cap which then connects to the embroidery machine.

Each head will come with a cap pantograph frame similar to shown in the picture. This device mounts to the machine and holds the cap frames.

10. USB to WiFi for Embroidery Networking

USB to WiFi makes your embroidery machine wireless!

WIFI for Embroidery

USB to WiFi for Embroidery Networking – Included Standard

Each one of our Butterfly embroidery machines is equipped with a USB to WiFi device. The USB to WiFI device allows the machine to receive embroidery data wirelessly from a main source such as a shared directory on a PC.

For more info on the USB to WiFi Device and Embroidery Networking, see

11. Embroidery Flat Sash – Border Sash

Embroidery Flat Sash - Border Sash
Embroidery Flat Sash – Border Sash (for embroidery on large or flat items)

The Embroidery Flat Sash – Border Sash is for embroidering very large items, larger than the typical tubular type hoop.

Typical items used with this device might be bedding, large dresses, horse blankets, comforters, etc.

This sash uses clips (shown in pictures) around the border to clip the fabric to the sash.

12. Full Commercial Embroidery Software Digitizing, Lettering, and Editing included

  • Includes customized digitized designs!
  • Training and Support
  • Basic, Complete, Easy, not Bulky

More information on Threads Software >>