Butterfly Industrial Embroidery Machines

Butterfly Industrial Embroidery Machines is the leading producer of economical industrial embroidery equipment.

Butterfly has a long history of building quality embroidery machines. The Butterfly line has a long history of manufacturing precision embroidery machines. Butterfly is the oldest brand of economical embroidery machines in the Americas.

Butterfly manufactures both single head and multi head commercial and industrial embroidery machines. The biggest sellers are the single heads, four heads and six heads.

The Butterfly line is very user friendly. The machines are sold with a solid support and service package and has a warranty that beats all its competitors. The machines also include live training, and video training on demand.

Butterfly embroidery machines use common Tajima parts such as hoops and hooks. Mechanically, the machines are very similar to its counterparts and are very easy to work on for embroidery technicians with experience on competing Japaneses embroidery machine brands.