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Attention all Butterfly Embroidery Machine owners!

The Embroidery Warehouse is currently offering up to $500 for all new referrals and up to $250 commission on assisted sales for all Butterfly Embroidery Equipment!. Make over $6000 a sale with delivery, installation, and side support.


We will pay you up to $500 for each NEW customer that you send us who ends up purchasing a new Butterfly Commercial Embroidery Machine.  This applies only to all customers you send us who have not already contacted us prior.

Commissions System

We are also offering up to $250 for each Assisted Sales.  If you are able to help us close a sale by vouching for the Butterfly machines quality, or by answering any potential customer’s questions and concerns, then we will offer up to $250 per sale you assist with.  Daily opportunities exist to help us assist with Butterfly embroidery machine sales!


We are also looking for Butterfly owners who would like to make additional money offering support, training and maintenance for other Butterfly users. We offer sales territories, and deep discounts on the equipment. We can either drop ship the equipment or ship to you directly. Make over $6000 a sale with delivery, installation, and side support.

View the Butterfly 1501 PDF BrochureCustomizable for your company/distributorship!


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