Commercial embroidery machine review

There are a lot of commercial embroidery machines out there. How does the Butterfly commercial embroidery machine review against the rest?
Embroidery Quality – The Butterfly has a very tight and clean final embroidery quality. The machine will benchmark against all the big names, making it difficult for expert embroidered to see a difference in embroidery output from other big name competing models.

Control Display
– The Butterfly embroidery machine has a full color touch display. The color display also has full monogramming features. The lettering and text feature speeds things up and makes life so much easier. Butterfly is a very unique machine for having this hard to find and highly desired feature.

Wireless – The Butterfly is currently the only wireless embroidery machine on the market. The USB To WiFi device reads remotely from a shared folder on your PC.

Mechanics – Butterfly is a very solid and sound embroidery machine. The Butterfly embroidery machines are put together with precision in clean, climate controlled lab.

Plastics and Metals – Our Butterfly uses stronger plastics than most of the competitors. The machines with lower quality plastics usually have the “cheap” look to them. They are also much more prone to “yellowing” which makes the machine look very aged over a short amount of time. Butterfly uses strong metals allowing the machine strong and able to embroidery 24/7.

HistoryOur embroidery machine has history. Does the competing models have the long and fruitful history as Butterfly? The Butterfly embroidery machine has been selling in the United States for over 10 years and is nearly a 100 year old brand.

How does the Butterfly commercial embroidery machine review against the rest? Contact us for a demo and we will be happy to show you more!

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