How long does it take to do embroidery?

How long does it take to do embroidery

Most average embroidery design logos are around 6000 stitches.

If an embroidery design has 6000 stitches, most all commercial machines will complete the job in under 10 minutes.

Your average embroidery machine will run 500 – 800 stitches per minute. Most operators do not like operating machines much faster than 700-800 stitches per minute. Regardless of make, model or year of the embroidery equipment, most all do poorer quality of embroidery when the machine is running faster. Therefore, a 6000 stitch design at 600 stitches per minute will take about 10 minutes to embroider PLUS any stops in the designs such as color changes, trims, or threads breaks. Expect a 6000 stitch logo with stops to take about 12 minutes or less.

Embroidery work and the time it takes to embroider a design also depends on the quality of the digitizing. Poor quality digitizing will have lots of stops such as trims, etc. A production digitizer can help speed up the process of embroidery.

Hooping a garment or a cap also takes a little time but generally doesn’t take more than about 30 seconds to hoop and then mount a garment.

Its always suggested to run samples for the first run.

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