How to do Cap Embroidery

Cap embroidery is generally done on commercial/industrial grade embroidery machines. It is done using a device called a cap attachment which attaches as a separate device on an embroidery machine. This attachment is generally always a removable device that can be removed to do tubular embroidery which is used for embroidering on shirts and similar items.

When the embroidery machine has the cap system attached, you can use a hooped cap and attach the hooped cap to the embroidery machine cap driver system.

The cap is hooped with a cap frame. The cap frame typically is a metal cylinder device that holds the cap in place so the embroidery machine can embroider in it.

Embroidering on caps is made easy with the ButterFly Embroidery Machine.

The ButterFly Embroidery Machine is designed to embroider 270 caps. A 270 cap embroidery means that you can embroider “ear to ear”. or, 270 degrees of the cap.

The back of the cap is generally done with a regular tubular hoop using the flat table top. In this case, you would not use the cap driver..

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