How to do Puff 3D Embroidery

Puff 3D is very easy to do with the ButterFly Embroidery Machine!

Foam is generally used for giving the “3D” look seen on baseball caps, for example. The foam can be purchased at craft stores or at online embroidery supply shops. It comes in different thicknesses and different colors. It is recommended that you use the same color foam as the color of your embroidery. Sometimes the foam can be seen through the stitches.

Foam or 3D embroidery takes a little bit of extra digitizing. Its recommended to digitize a very short running stitch, about 1mm apart from each other, along the border of object you want to use the foam on. This short running stitch will perforate the foam, making it easy to tear the excess off the garment, leaving only the remaining piece that will then be covered with stitches.

On the Butterfly embroidery machine, you can have the machine stop at certain colors, allowing you to place or remove the foam.

The tensions on the thread used to cover the foam will need to be loosened.

If all that is digitizing terminology is confusing, just tell your digitizer to digitize it for Puff 3D Embroidery.

How to do Puff 3D Embroidery

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