Needle Depth with Scratch Gauge

Needle Depth with Scratch Gauge

This is our version 2 needle depth video. There are three versions, currently. Please watch the stop position video after this, as other adjustments may be thrown off after a depth adjustment.

Learn how to use a scratch gauge to set needle depth on the Butterfly embroidery machine. Note that a 6mm allen wrench lying on top of the shaft will also work.

Needle depth usually has to be set when the needle is asked to sew into a hoop edge, bam… or hits something else hard enough. Punching a dull needle through fabric long enough will also cause the set screws to slip, at that point needle depth becomes incorrect and when the machine punches the thread through fabric it wont put the loop in the correct area to be caught by the hook.

Needle depth is how deep the needle goes into the bobbin area. It has nothing to do with the needle’s “resting” position, when they are all sitting side by side when not being used. The machine’s hook timing is based off of the needle being at the proper depth some few degrees after bottom dead center, every time, every needle.

Out of twelve needles, some will likely fall out of the correct needle depth over the months, which will cause many thread breaks on that needle. But also check to see if the needle is seated all the way in its hole… on a suspect color, push the needle tip with a screw tip or metal rod (after loosening), and see if it can shove the needle up any.

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