Butterfly Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine CEO Package

Our Best Deal for the Dollar! Best training and support option.

With the CEO Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine Special, you will be embroidering on your own commercial embroidery machine with hands-on training at your location in the Continental USA. This is an All-Inclusive package and is the highest level package we have to offer in terms of a new single head commercial embroidery equipment.


The CEO package price INCLUDES shipping to your location anywhere in the continental USA!

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On-Site Training and setup at YOUR location

The CEO package price INCLUDES training at your office, at your factory, at your home, or wherever you plan on using this machine

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What can you embroider with the CEO Package?

With the Butterfly CEO package, you can embroider on most everything you see with embroidery Our techs will help you setup this machine at your location and show you how!



What does the CEO Butterfly Package come with?

The machine comes completely loaded so you can start embroidering the day you receive it.

The CEO Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine Special Includes:



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