TheEmbroideryWarehouse Buys and Sells Embroidery Machines

TheEmbroideryWarehouse specializes in the buying and selling of new and used commercial embroidery machines

TheEmbroideryWarehouse has bought and sold thousands of Commercial Embroidery Machines. We have bought and sold models from as early as the 1980s and we import and sell brand new ButterFly Embroidery Machines as well.

We buy and sell quite a bit of used machines each month and have done so for almost 20 years. Our company began as an International used embroidery machine distributor since its inception and continues as a strong Worldwide source for both new and used embroidery equipment. We have shipped equipment both large and small all over the world. We have air shipped multi-head machines around the world and have shipped dozens of machines at a time by sea in large containers.

We have (for better or worse) experience with all types of makes and models of commercial embroidery machines. Some of these brands include AEMCO, AMAYA, BARUDAN, BROTHER, BUTTERFLY, DAHAO, THOR, FEIYA, HAPPY, INBRO, MELCO. SWF, TAJIMA, TOYOTA, ZSK. With the long experience in the used embroidery machine industry, and the experience we have gained working with so many models, we are able to hand pick on only the best machines when we purchase for our inventory.

We applied this same education and experience we acquired with the used models to our NEW commercial embroidery machine line, ButterFly Embroidery Machines. We are very proud to have customized our own brand of embroidery machine and we continue enjoying the used embroidery machine market. Staying in the used machine market allows us play with many models and learn from them all.

We sell just about every make and model of Commercial Embroidery Machines. When The Embroidery Warehouse purchases used machines for resell, we only purchase the best of the best. Rest assured that if the make and model of the machines we buy and resell are not high quality, then we don’t buy them! We only buy and sell the best of the best. If the machines we buy are substandard, we part them out.

We specializes in the reselling of used Tajima, Barudan, SWF, Toyota, and Melco among others commercial and industrial embroidery machines. TheEmbroideryWarehouse strives to be the best source for all types of embroidery equipment while still being competitive.

TheEmbroideryWarehouse Physical and Contact Details

TheEmbroideryWarehouse main office is located at 2954 SE Loop 820, Fort Worth, Texas 76116, USA. We are located about 20 miles to the south west of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport (DFW). We are very easy to get to from the airport and Downtown Fort Worth or Dallas area.

We are usually open from 10:00AM – 6:00PM, Monday thru Friday. Drop-in visits are fine but we would prefer that an appointment is made in advance. We also make weekend appointments at times.

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