Butterfly B-1204 B/T Embroidery Machine ( 2016)

12 needles/ 4 head
3 set of tubular hoops
1 set of caps
5 year Limited warranty on electronics ( no shipping or labor included)
New Control panel with new spec
Memory capacity of 100,000,000 (One hundred million) STITCHES.
Monogramming. 28 different fonts, capital and lowercase letters. HUGE variety of customizing on board options, arch, outline, angles, scaling, etc.
Ability to change color on the actual design being sewn while the machine is working without the need of even stopping the machine. ON THE GO!
Laser guide included with the machine. This is OPTIONAL on some of the competition’s machines and goes for $250
Ability to move frame (hoops) not only on the X and Y coordinates, but also diagonally by pressing just one button, saving time and making it more precise.
Ability to program different hoop sizes into the machine memory for optimized embroidery and avoid damage to machine due to operator errors
LCD screen and USB

FOB: U$21,999

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4-Head Butterfly Embroidery Machine