Brother SE400 upgrade and comparison to the Butterfly 1501 single head

How does the Butterfly 1501 single head compare to the Brother SE400?

The Brother SE400 home embroidery machine is one of the most demanded Brother machine on the home embroidery machine market.



Upgrading form the Brother SE400 to the Butterfly 1501 commercial single head embroidery machine will give you a lot of advantages. The larger sewing area, and multiple colors are the main reason our customers upgrade their Brother SE400. The Butterfly also has automatic color changes and trimmers.

Because the Butterfly is an industrial embroidery machine, it is much faster and designed to run 24/7. You will be able to take on more work and move from a hobbyist with lots of demand, to a small embroidery startup with an existing customer database!

The Butterfly also has full monogramming with a lot of fonts. You will also be able to embroidery on baseball cap and hats!

Brother SE400 / Butterfly 1501 Comparison chart

Check the following Chart on how the Brother SE400 compares to the Brother 1501

ButterFly 1 head
Brother SE440
  • Sewing Area: 40cm x 50cm ~(15in x 16 in)
  • Sewing Area: 40cm x 50cm ~(15in x 16 in)
  • Number of Colors/Needles: 15
  • Number of Colors/Needles: 15
  • Caps System: Yes
  • Caps System: No
  • Tubular Hoops: Yes
  • Tubular Hoops: No

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