Can you Link or Network Butterfly Embroidery Machines?

In short, YES you can Link or Network the Butterfly Embroidery Machines. In fact, MOST ALL commercial embroidery machines can be linked or networked.

What does linking or networking REALLY mean in terms of commercial embroidery machines?

When people ask about linking or networking embroidery machines, they generally imagine doing the same design on multiple embroidery machines.

Whether you have several single heads, several multi heads or, a combination of both, you can link or network multiple machines, in terms of running the same designs.

Linking or Networking embroidery machines is a term that has become popular among the Melco embroidery equipment. Melco embroidery machines, unlike most all embroidery machines, are NOT independently operated. Most all Melco embroidery equipment require ADDITIONAL software and hardware for running their machines. This means, when you buy a Melco machine, most likely you will need to purchase a SEPARATE computer and software license for operating the machine.

Machines like Butterfly, Tajima, Barudan, etc run INDEPENDENTLY and WITHOUT additional software, hardware, computers, cabling, etc. Unlike most all Melcos, these machines have their own built in operating systems and do not need additional operating systems (PCs).

Because Melco machines require additional software and computers, they will not run without the machine networked to a computer. However, if you have more than one Melco machine, you can use the same software/computer to operate many machines. The downside to this, is all the machines need to be connected to that computer. If you wish to separate the machines, sell them individually, move them to another location, etc then you need to purchase an ADDITIONAL computer, software license, cabling, etc.

Again, because machines like Butterfly, Tajima, Barudan, etc run INDEPENDENTLY this means you can run the machines without a computer and they DO NOT need to be networked to one PC like the Melcos need to be.

If you have several Butterfly machines, you can link or network all the machines to share the same embroidery files by using the USB to WIFI device which is included standard with our Butterfly embroidery machines.

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