Butterfly Multi Head Embroidery Machine Packages


The Butterfly line of commercial multi-head machine packages for various needs, budbets, and results.

¿What is an embroidery head?

Butterfly offers 12 and 15 needles multi head embroidery machines. We have machines with 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 heads. 

¡All of our multi-head embroidery machines can Embroider caps, 12 tubular garments such as shirts, and much more!

¡5 year limited warranty!

Multiple Head.

ButterFly – 6 heads – 15 needles

ButterFly  – 4 heads – 15 needles

ButterFly – 2 heads – 15 needles

Pack CEO – 1 Head

Double, triple, quadruple or sextuple single head packs

Butterfly Dual – 2 heads – 15 needles

Butterfly TRI – 3 heads – 15 needles

Butterfly QUAD – 4 heads – 15 needles

Butterfly HEXA – 6 heads – 15 needles 

Finance Embroidery Equipment

Finance your embroidery equipment

Our most popular multi-head machines

 2 Heads – 15 Needles

4 Heads – 15 Needles

6 Heads – 15 Needles 

We also offer Financing for all our packages. 

Offline Multi Head Machines

We also sell offline ” Single Head Multiples” machines such as bundles Double (2), Triple (3), and Quadruple (4), of multi-head embroidery machines.

All multi-head machines connect wirelessly to your computer.


Multi head machines blog 

Technical specifications 


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Feel free to contact us about Butterfly commercial and industrial embroidery machines by calling 871-346-7691 (USA) or E-mail us at Sales@ButterFlyEmb.com

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