Looking to start an embroidery business with a 2 or 4 head embroidery machine?

Are you looking to start an embroidery business?

Is a 2 or a 4 head embroidery something for you?

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A 2 or a 4 head embroidery machine is a commercial embroidery machine with 2 or 4 stations (heads), each of which can do either 2 or 4 items at a time. So a 2 head can do either 2 caps or 2 shirts at once for example where as a 4 head does 4 items at a time.


Things to consider

Your average embroidery machine will run 600 – 1000 stitches per minute. The average embroidery design is about 5000 stitches.

If you are looking to embroider large quantity orders then a multihead is the best way to go. A small to medium shop could run on a 2 or 4 head and preferably, with a USED 1 head machine for samples or small orders.

Both our 2 and 4 heads embroider caps (hats), and tubular goods such as shirts.

Multihead embroidery machines such as a 2 or 4 head, take up more space than single (1) heads which are more compact. However single heads, per head, are more expensive. So the cost of a 4 head, per head, is much more inexpensive than two, 2 head machines or 4 single heads. If you are limited on space, you might consider that. However if you have a lot of space, you might want to buy a multi head with more heads instead of more smaller individual machines.

A 4 head embroidery machine will not produce twice as many items as two 2 heads and it will not out produce 4 single heads. This link explains why two 2 heads can outproduce a 4 head. However, cost per head on a 4 head is lower.

We also sell the Dual Head option which is 2 single heads for a discounted price! The Dual Heads will outperform a 2 head multi headed machine.

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