How do single head embroidery machines out perform multi-heads

Lets take the Embroidery bus!

Whats going to get you to your destination first? The city bus, or your Ferrari? Chances are, even if your Ferrari can only go the same speed limit as the bus, its still going to get you to your destination first.

Multi-head commercial embroidery machines are less expensive per head, the more heads the embroidery machine has. So naturally buying a 4 head embroidery machine is going to be less expensive then buying 2, 3 or 4 single head embroidery machines of the same make.

A multi-head embroidery machine is very similar to a city bus. A bus has a lot of seats for carrying a lot of passengers all traveling the same route. A multi-head embroidery machine has several heads all doing the same embroidery design. Like seats on a bus, not all the heads on the machine need to be used at one time. Heads can individually be turned on and off.

Like a bus, a multi-head embroidery machine might have a lot of stops. Because buses must stop to unload and load passengers, they cannot get to their destination as fast as another vehicle traveling the same speed but, without stopping. “Stops” in embroidery can refer to the operator manually stopping the machine, thread breaks, needle breaks, bobbin changes, thread changes, end of runs, change of pantograph, etc. Each time a multi-head embroidery machine stops, all heads stop. So, if you have a 6 head embroidery machine and it stops, all 6 heads stop production. However, if you have several single head machines and one head stops, the other machines continue embroidering.

Using the same analogy, several cars will get several people to their destination much faster than a bus. However the cost of driving the cars from point A to point Z will probably be more expensive considering the cost of the cars, the gas, the maintenance on the cars, etc. But consider that if the saved time of driving the cars brings more free time or more work time to the driver of the car. The costs of owning and operating the car might be well worth the difference over riding a bus that might take hours a day longer in commute than a car.

Two or three single heads will outperform a 4 head multi-head machine. When one head of the 4 head has a stop, all heads stop. On the single heads, if one head has stopped, this will not stop the production on any of the other heads. But how much embroidery work is needed to pay for the single head machines? You might NEED the single heads to keep up with the demand. Or perhaps your budget or business plan is better suited for a less expensive investment like a multi-head Either way, an embroidery shop will eventually need single heads for samples and small orders and large machines for very large productions.

Heres to your company having a good “fleet” of both single heads and multi-heads!

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