Certified Embroidery Equipment by TheEmbroideryWarehouse

Is/(Are used) Embroidery Equipment from TheEmbroideryWarehouse, certified?

TheEmbroideryWarehouse certifies all our embroidery equipment before releasing the final product to the customer.

All used equipment sold by TheEmbroideryWarehouse is refurbished, unless otherwise stated.

During the refurbishing process the machine is torn down and rebuilt. At this time, we begin to preform many Quality Control processes towards certification. Many of these processes are performed by several techs and double checked by upper-level techs.

The very detailed in-house certification process for each used machine must pass before we are allowed to sell it. This involves a 40-point inspection on all motors, belts, and bearings, as well as a minimum 40-hour runtime. We also have a very intensive inspection process on electronics, such as motherboards. Several pages of quality control and checklists are performed to ensure the machine meets our quality control standards. The equipment is documented and retained for our future information.

All these steps to certify the machine from TheEmbroideryWarehouse, must be preformed so that we can warranty and support the equipment

Many of the same processes and QC steps preformed to certify our used machines, are also preformed to certify our brand-new equipment as well, to ensure factory quality.