Complete Cap System

Generally, all our embroidery machines come with a Complete Cap System. Please double check with your sales representative ahead of time.

A Complete Cap System usually consist of a Cap Driver, a Cap Gauge and 2 Cap Frames per embroidery head.

The Cap Driver is the device that attaches to the machine. This device must be removed when doing flat or tubular work and replaced when doing cap jobs.

The Cap Frame is what is used to frame the cap for embroidery work. Once the cap is frames (hooped) you can load it onto the Cap Driver which, should be attached to the machine.

The Cap Gauge is what is used to hold the Cap Frame when hooping. This device makes it easy to hoop caps.

There are 2 types of cap systems. There is a 270 Cap System and a Standard Cap System.

The 270 Cap System will allow you to embroidery from ear to ear. These systems are generally available only on commercial embroidery machines built around the year 1996 or NEWER.

The Standard Cap System is generally available on machines built around 1996 or OLDER. These systems allow for embroidery in the front of the cap, above the bill.[:]