Loading off USB

Loading off USB

1. Insert USB in 1 of the 2 ports on right side of the display. Wait for a beep.

2. On screen 1, press the yellow flower button to access USB memory

3. Select your desired design

4. Press check mark on dialogue box

5. Enter design name using number pad

6. Press check mark to transfer design to machine memory. Wait for a beep

Load off Memory

1. On screen 1, select desired design off machine memory. 8 are displayed at a time

2. Use arrow buttons to change to the next design page if not on page 1

3. Once desired design is highlighted, it has been loaded from machine’s memory

Changing Orientation of Design

1. On screen 2, locate the “P” button

2. Press the button to change to desired orientation.

Setting Colors

1. On screen 3, colors are displayed in descending order by which they are stitched

2. Colors are assigned a number that correspond to the thread colors on thread tree

3. Press desired number to assign a needle. Once selected, it will automatically move to the next color in sequence

4. Repeat until all required needles have been assigned

Centering Design and Tracing

1. On screen 4, use arrow buttons to move design to desired position in hoop

2. Press the arrow button in the center to change movement speed.

3. Once in desired position, press yellow button with magnifying glass

4. You can trace design using either one of two buttons

5. The trace button with a needle and dotted box will trace a box around the design giving you the general area where the design will be

6. The trace button with a needle and dotted circle will trace around the edge of your design giving you an exact area of where the design will be

7. Once traced, use the arrow buttons to move design to desired location