ALL Equipment sold by TheEmbroideryWarehouse comes with a full license to our Threads Embroidery Software

With our Threads Embroidery Software you can create award winning designs using our built in digitizing features.  Alternatively you can also outsource your digitizing work to us directly!

“Embroidery Digitizing” is the process of transforming an image file (such as a JPG, PNG, etc) and creating an embroidery file.   To create professional embroidery designs its recommended learning the skill of digitizing or, outsourcing the digitizing work to a digitizer and charging your customer as part of the setup fee. 

At TheEmbroideryWarehouse we can help teach you how to learn digitizing or, offer access to our digitizing processionals

Threads Embroidery Software also includes Lettering/Font features, among most all basics you would expect from a commercial embroidery software package.