What does a used embroidery machine from TheEmbroideryWarehouse come with?

What does a used embroidery machine from TheEmbroideryWarehouse come with?

When you purchase a used embroidery machine from TheEmbroideryWarehouse, it generally comes with standard features that a lot of our customers ask about. This generally applies to BOTH our Single Head and Multihead machines.

Most every machine sold by us will include the following. However, please read our notes below this list to make sure you know what your machines comes with.

Notes and details on the above list;

Cap System

Most all our embroidery machines are sold standard with a complete cap system. HOWEVER, not all our machines are sold with the cap systems. Very few of our machines do not have a cap system but the large majority will have either a 270 degree or standard cap system.

Double check with your sales rep.

STANDARD or 270 Cap system

Each machine that does come with a cap system will either come with the STANDARD or 270 Cap system. The standard cap system will embroidery 180 degree on the front of the cap. This is the standard area you see most all embroidery on caps. Some machines have the 270 degree cap system which will allow the machine to embroidery front side to side (ear to ear).

Generally most all machines with cap system will now have the 270 system.

Each will will comes with 2 caps frames per head. So a 1 head has 2 frames and a 12 head would have 24 cap frames

Most any embroidery machine can embroider on the back of caps using a standard flat embroidery hoop. You do not need the cap system to embroider backs of caps.

3 sets of tubular hoops

Most all our machines will come with at least 3 sets of tubular hoops. We rarely sell machines that are not tubular ready. However, it’s always safe to ask.

A ‘set’ of hoops is 2 hoops of one size, per head. So a 1 head will come with 6 hoops. 3 different sizes of hoops, 2 hoops per size. A 12 head will have 72 hoops generally, for example.

We will try to include a small size, medium size, and a larger size. Requests can sometimes be made, depending on inventory. We also sell hoops.

USB Upgrade

Regardless of the age of the machine, it will almost certainly come with a USB port. The USB port will read embroidery designs from a USB stick or a wireless USB memory stick. The USB port replaces old floppy drivers or external design readers. An external USB reader is provided for machines that did not originally have floppy drives built in.

USB to WIFI / Wireless USB Memory Stick

Each machine generally comes with a USB to WIFI stick. The USB to WIFI memory stick will allow you to transfer designs from your PC to your embroidery machine, without having to carry designs back and forth from the PC to machine.

Digitizing, Lettering and Editing Software

Each used machine is sold with PC based Digitizing, Lettering and Editing Software. The software will export to all our equipment. http://www.EmbroiderySoftware.com. The digitizing software will allow you to create your own embroidery designs from scratch or by using image files (JPG, PNG, etc) as background templates. This is a wire frame based editing software and comes with about 60 fonts. You can also digitize your own fonts individually from TTF to use in the future. Software is a USA based digitizing program

Warranty, Training, Support Packages and Free Tuneups/Servicing

All of our equipment generally comes with a Warranty, Training and Support Package. Lengths and details are on a per machine basis.

Our warranty generally covers all non consumable parts. Consumable parts include supplies that are replaced often such as needles, hooks, bobbin cases, etc. Non consumables parts, which we DO warranty are parts like needle bars, motors, hoops, electronics, pantograms, belts, etc. We do not warranty parts damaged by operator errors such as reciprocators which are designed to break when the operator hits the hoop, for example.

We offer phone, video (live or recorded) and email support, based out of Fort Worth, Texas. We also have a wide range of techs we refer to across the USA. Our customers are also welcome to visit us at our head office for free training and support, within their package time period.

Training, installation and support is provided at your location, at additional costs. We can send you our best technicians to help setup and train. Alternatively you can contact us via video conference, at no additional charge. Skype and Facetime are excellent money saving alternatives which will not cost you any extra.

We do not charge for training and support under the package time frame, as long as we do not have to send a tech to you. We can provide you onsite service, at cost.

All of our machines are serviced and ran sufficiently before we ship them out. We could not warranty them without ensuring they run properly before shipping.

All warranties, and support are non transferable are only applicable for the orignal owner at the original Ship To address and only during the package allotted time frame.

Free Tuneups/Servicing

We offer free tune ups and servicing to our customers provided they can pay all shipping costs back and forth to us or, they can pay all costs incurred to send a tech, minus labor costs. We do not cover parts and/or parts costs unless its warranty. You break it, we fix it.

The free tune ups and servicing are only provided during the package coverage time. Scheduling applies.


We ship machines worldwide and have been doing so for a long time. We can crate and ship your embroidery machine almost anywhere in the world. SHIPPING IS AN EXTRA COST but, we do not charge any extra fees for handling the shipping side. Please be sure to ask your sales rep for shipping estimates. Crate charges sometimes incur.

Starter Kit

We can put together starter kits to go with your machine. These kits can include thread, bobbins, backing, needles, solvy, etc. Most everything you need to get started. This is an extra price and will depend on machine size and what you would like to include with it.